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Our Housing Programs

MCVET provides short-term and long-term housing that supports a variety of situations our beloved Veterans may find themselves in. The housing services range from Day Drop In Facilities, Emergency Housing, Transitional Housing, and Single Room Occupancy.

Drop In Facility
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Drop In Facility

The Day-Drop provides homeless veterans who are in need of a facility that affords a degree of comfort during the day and a feeling of camaraderie with other veterans in similar circumstances. In the Day-Drop, veterans have access to shower facilities, clothing, water and vending machines, crisis intervention counseling and a quiet haven to rest. The Facility has a 50 person capacity.

DROP IN - we care!





Rest Area

Crisis Intervention Counseling


Emergency Shelter

 Individuals seeking immediate emergency shelter can turn to MCVET.


Upon entry, residents can be assigned a case manager and together they develop a plan to address current barriers. The case manager provides a supportive space for those seeking assistance, and partners with each individual to ensure their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs are met.


Benefit Counselors and employment specialists are onsite to assist with replacing or critical documentation such as an ID, birth certificate, social security card, and credentials. The benefits counselor is able to assist with submitting VA claims, Social Security claims, SNAP benefits, Medicare/Medicaid benefits, and various other services. The employment specialist will assist with identifying job opportunities, workplace development, skills assessment, resume crafting, and navigating barriers to employability.


MCVET has onsite intensive and outpatient treatment programs. Those needing access to services will be given the option of attending individual/group counseling. 

Emergency Housing
Transition Housing

Transitional Housing

Residents in the transitional housing phase of the program can begin training programs, searching for employment, or focusing on other areas of opportunity. The case manager will continue to work with the individual on their goals.


Most residents stay in transitional housing for a period of 18-24 months.

Single Room Occupancy

SRO is a long-term housing solution onsite. Each space provides a safe, independent living arrangement in a drug-free community. MCVET has state-of-the art security monitoring 24/7. These residential spaces come with no obligation of case management and qualify for income-based housing agreements.

Single Room Ocupancy
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