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Intake - Admission

Intake Days

Admissions are conducted 24/7. Contact the Admissions & Outreach Manager at 410-576-9626 x244/410-371-9325 to be considered for admission. You may also email with contact information.

Withdrawal Management

Candidates for admission will need to obtain withdrawal management services prior to admission. This intervention can be coordinated with admission staff.

Reintegration and Incarceration

MCVET supports the reintegration of veterans returning to the community after incarceration. Those entered into this line of service will receive individualized case management and support to address their unique circumstances.

Legal Issues

Although MCVET accepts veterans that are on parole and/or probation, persons under the custody of the Correctional System will not be screened until they have been released. Due to the Restriction Period, applicants who have court dates within 30 days of the application will not be accepted into the program.


MCVET accepts referrals from hospitals, community agencies, the court system, and other service providers. Please complete the referral “here” (link to referral form)


The referring agency must provide a copy of any discharge paperwork, relevant documents, and/or psychosocial and medical history to facilitate the screening process.


Self-referrals are considered by contacting admission staff directly at 410-576-9626 x244/410-371-9325 (call/text) or emailing 24/7.


Individuals experiencing severe medical issues and/or psychosis (auditory and visual hallucinations, severe depression, manic/hypomania episodes, at risk of hurting themselves or others) at the time of intake may not be a good fit for the MCVET program. Careful consideration for admission will be made after a doctor has cleared the candidate.

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