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Who We Are


We serve without discrimination


120,000+ services provided


We've been serving since 1993

History Statement

MCVET was established in 1993 by 4 veterans with ties to several Veterans Service Organizations including: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Jewish War Veterans, The American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and Vietnam Veterans of America. They envisioned a veterans program that was dedicated to veterans in need and specifically homeless veterans. The program would be developed in a military model which empowers the veterans, establishes an environment of teamwork and camaraderie and rewards hard work with success.

The program envisioned by our founders has evolved and grown into our current program. MCVET now operates 5 housing programs including a Day Drop In, Emergency Shelter, Bridge Housing, Transitional Housing and Single Room Occupancy (SRO), which function together as one system. The housing segments are built on the common experiences of entering the military as a new recruit. Veterans in the program all share this common bond. The program is a place of comfort and familiarity for each veteran. MCVET returns each veteran to a place in their lives where they have experienced success and where they understood the link between hard work and the rewards that come with it. MCVET gives veterans the opportunity to live in an environment where they can place their trust in everyone around them and concentrate on the work of moving from dependence to independence.

Strategic Plan

We, at MCVET, are committed to offering a military-structured, seamless continuum of services that helps veterans in need transition from dependent to independent living.


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