Fulfilling the Mission ...
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Ezekiel Pankey

Enrolled at MCVET - 1996


Ezekiel Pankey came to MCVET in 1996 from Stanford, Connecticut. He served over seven years in the U.S. Army. While at MCVET, he attended TESST Technical School and was able to reestablish relationships with his family. He was very involved in the MCVET basketball and softball team.
Today, he is a member of the MCVET staff. He is our Follow-Up counselor providing services to alumni who have graduated from the program. In addition, he conducts the MCVET martial arts class. He is happily married and has an 11 year old son. He is a proud homeowner in Baltimore County.




Richard Farr

Enrolled at MCVET - 1999


Richard Farr entered the MCVET Program in 1999. He is grateful for the services MCVET provided. “MCVET allowed me to concentrate on me and learn to be responsible for my actions”, states Richard. A former U.S. Air member, he was a student leader while at MCVET.
He now works for the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical System as a patient services representative. He finds this as his opportunity to “give back”. In his spare time he works at both Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium as a supervisor.





Lovett Halsey

Enrolled at MCVET - 2002


Lovett Halsey a Baltimore native came to MCVET in 2002. He served in the U.S. Army from 1969-1978. After years of leading a destructive life, He came to MCVET looking for help. At MCVET he found friendship and knowledge about positive thinking and living.
Today he works for Volunteers of America as a shift supervisor. Volunteers of America is a residential center for previously incarcerated individuals with bail. “I am helping others now.”



Otis Flowers

Enrolled at MCVET - 2005


Otis Flowers is originally from Washington, D.C. He graduated from the program in 2005 but in his words, “I’ve never left MCVET”. His best memories of MCVET are of the staff. For him, MCVET saved his life. He remembers his former case manager, Mr. James Metts who was passionate about teaching recovery. “He touched my heart”.
He owns a home in Glen Burnie, Maryland. He is a successful private freightliner tractor trailer owner.




MCVET has a unique partnership with Susquehanna Bank. A bank representative conducts on-site financial workshops on topics such as debt reconciliation, homeownership, investing, and money management. In addition all students are required to open a savings account and save twenty-five (25) percent of their income.






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